Our Stunning Makeup Transitions Take You from Blah to Celeb-Level Glam


This week on Instagram, Gwyneth Paltrow proved that January doesn’t have to be all cold and drear thanks to #GlamJan, Max Factor’s fun hashtag that encourages followers to show off our most stunning and—duh—glam makeup transformations. We at Jezebel were so inspired by Gwyn’s transition from Golden Earth Mama to Rock Star Goddess that we thought we’d show off some easy #GlamJan transformations of our own!

Look, ladies: I know it’s easy to get lazy in winter, especially once holiday party season is over, you’ve had your New Year’s smooch (the only one you get all year) and the sharp claws of seasonal affective disorder have successfully dug their way into your brain with a painful grip that won’t relent until March (April, if we’re being honest, lol). But that’s no excuse to ignore your makeup, especially when getting glammed up is so much fun and sooooo easy! Like, seriously easy. A dumb toddler could do it and you are as smart as a dumb toddler, aren’t you? AREN’T YOU?

ANYWAY, here are our three FUN and EASY day-to-night/chic-to-glam makeup transformations—with tips!


First off, SPOILER ALERT: the key to any good look in the winter is MOISTURIZER. Seriously, don’t let your skin get too dried out or else your outside will start to look like your dried husk of an inside. I like to keep my makeup simple through out the course of the work day, so for my Day Look (left), I stuck to a thin line of liquid eyeliner and tinted chapstick. For my Night/In Da Club Look (right), I simply increased the drama of of my liquid eye line and paired it with an up-‘do, a sequin dress and a bold red lip.

P.S. I’ve been going to da club a lot lately because I love fun and also because I haven’t slept in weeks, tee hee.

But maybe you want a look that’s a little more understated and a little less Studio 54. That’s when I fallback on this timeless standby, GLAM TRANSFORMATION NUMBER TWO:

Love pairing the doe-eyed look with a vamped-up pout, though, honestly, this is a Night Look (left) that I relied on much more heavily before I moved states and changed my name. Still, I can’t deny the effectiveness of an old classic! I mean, YOU TRY TO DENY ME. Ha, you can’t and you won’t.

Of course, sometimes, things get a little CRAZY at the club and you don’t end up going home to your own apartment before heading into the office the next day ;);););) No matter how much fun you had (you go, girl!), it’s no excuse to tastelessly rock your look from the night before in a professional work environment. This brings us to GLAM TRANSFORMATION 3, back to basics!

Pack some moisturizing (!!!) makeup wipes, powder foundation, mascara and lip gloss in your purse. Come morning, remove your cosmetics and throw your purse in a river. (A purse is where a woman keeps her secrets, after all!) It’s classless to go into work splattered in the evidence of your evening activities, no matter how much said activities made you feel alive the first time in years!

The most important thing for a Day Look (left) is to appear clean and professional and innocent and, yeah, to not SLIP UP and say something that could get you in trouble. REMEMBER: You never know when your boss might be eying you for that big promotion (LEAN IN, girlfriend!) and you do not want to be seen as unprofessional. ALSO REMEMBER: You cannot go back to the big house ’cause Lord knows you don’t have any friends left on the inside :):):)

HAPPY #GLAMJAN, everybody!

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