Outfits Don't Totally Stink At Fragrance Awards


The FiFi Awards are the “most prominent and prestigious celebratory event of the fragrance industry.” So who invited Paz de la Huerta and her armpits?

If you’re never fully dressed without a smile than Paz de la Huerta is usually half-naked. What crawled up her butt and died? And you know what, I have a sincere question for anyone who has seen her many nude scenes in Boardwalk Empire: Does Paz have one fake boob and one real one? I’m not joking and I’m not mocking. I want to know, for no other reason than because I feel like I’m always being confronted by her breasts.

Statuesque in a fitted cream sequined gown with orange nails that pop, Mary J. Blige knows how to strike the perfect balance of flashiness and elegance.

Padma Lakshmi looks fun and summery in her patterned dress and flower in her hair without looking too casual.

While I love pairing blue and yellow, I think it needs to be pointed out that every inch of Fergie’s body is covered in glitter.

While tuxes don’t necessarily lend themselves to very much self expression, Nate Berkus and Trey Songz did their best and look flawless.

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Kate Walsh are dressed like the kind of women you take seriously. Kelly Bensimon, on the other hand, was at the awards as a presenter, but in a tunic with no pants, she was dangerously leaning toward presenting her crotch.

Halle Berry’s outfit proves that a perfect body doesn’t make everything look perfect. She’s a little bit Wilma Flintstone here. Chef Cat Cora looks like mother’s day gift wrap. The two ladies on the right are Rochelle Bloom and Jill Belasco, heads of the Fragrance Foundation. And I don’t care how arbitrary this is, but as per the lady in the dark blue: NO. The lady in the light blue? Yes all day. I’m a muumuu advocate, no matter the event or time of day.

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