Over 10 Million People Tried Buying Adele Concert Tickets


Trying to buy concert tickets is already an exercise from hell, but even moreso if you were one of the millions vying to see Adele perform live. Over 10 million Adele fans bombarded Ticketmaster’s website in an attempt to purchase tickets to the singer’s upcoming North American tour. Those who weren’t successful made plenty of jokes about it on Twitter. Hello from the other side of your barren Ticketmaster queue.

A rep for the ticketing service said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly: “Over the course of the morning on-sales, Ticketmaster saw an all-time high of more than 10 million fans in queue for our total approximate allotment of just over 400,000 tickets. In spite of the unprecedented demand for this amazing artist, Ticketmaster successfully sold through its allotment in less than an hour per date.” A source told Billboard that over 4 million of those fans tried buying tickets to the six shows in New York alone.

The tour opens in St. Paul Minnesota on July 5, and continues for over four months with a staggering 56 dates before wrapping up in Mexico City.

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