Palin Says There's A "Double Standard" On Crying


On today’s Good Morning America, Sarah Palin talked about the usual — tax cuts, American values, 2012 — but she also had some interesting things to say about John Boehner‘s waterworks.

Asked whether a woman would have been judged more harshly for turning on the tears the way Boehner does, Palin said,

I respect John Boehner because he has worn his feelings on his sleeve on things that are so important to him … and I give him that pass, too. But that’s one of those things where a double standard certainly is applied. I’m sure if I got up there and did a speech and I started breaking down and cried about how important it is to me that our children and our grandchildren are provided great opportunities, I’m sure that I would be knocked a little bit for that.

Can’t argue with her there. Although if Palin’s “prayerful” decision process leads to a run in 2012, her tear ducts are going to be the least of our worries. Watch around the 4 minute mark for Palin’s thoughts on Boehner:

Palin Says There's A "Double Standard" On Crying
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Exclusive: Sarah Palin On 2012 Plans, Double Standards For Women [ABC]

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