Pants Canceled


We all fucking love leggings, The Guardian reports.

A rep for ASOS, one of the internet’s most visited e-commerce sites, told deputy fashion editor Scarlett Conlon that their legging sales are through the roof. The site sold 95 percent more leggings this year than last year, and sales of their branded styles of leggings have grown by over 180 percent. And according to fashion search engine Lyst, leggings are one of their most searched garments worldwide.

Fashion and e-commerce experts told The Guardian that the long overdue death of pants is directly related to rise of athleisure—i.e., incorporating workout clothes and other apparel that mimics the aesthetics and design of activewear into your daily wardrobe, i.e., fuck pants I’m just going to Dunkin who do I need to impress—which is here to stay, apparently.

Of all the things millennials have reportedly killed (cable, diamonds, lunch…) I think pants might be our greatest victory to date. Great job, everyone. Keep it up.

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