Pat Robertson Wants a ‘Vomit’ Facebook Button for Photos of Gay Hugs


In a segment called Bring It Online (good one), a concerned bigot asked televangelist troll Pat Robertson whether “Liking” things on Facebook that go “against what is written in the Bibles” — like your Pride pics — is a sin worthy of eternal damnation. (Pressing stuff! Next up: “If I take an Instagram selfie, am I a slut invoking the devil?”)

Pat Robertson said he didn’t understand Likes/Facebook/empathy, but that the concept made him want to “throw up,” a sentiment he wished he could express via social media.

“I would punch Vomit, not like,” he cackled. Now we know whom Buzzfeed’s “trashy” and “fail” buttons are geared towards! Quick: someone Photoshop a photo of Robertson smooching a dude and make it go viral.


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