Pedi Alert: Sarah Jessica Parker's Shoe Collection Debuts in One Month


The last episode of Sex And The City aired in 2004, but thanks to two movies and The Carrie Diaries it never really ends, does it? The line between Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Bradshaw continues to blur now that we’re thisclose to SJP launching her own shoe line.

The collection debuts in February. WWD reports that Parker will team up with Nordstrom for a series of nationwide in-store appearances to promote the shoes. (Dates and locations here.) Also! There’s a preview of the collection in the new O Magazine with lots of pretty pictures. Despite the fact that Carrie had the screen name “shoegal” and was always in sky-high stilettos, the SJP collection has (GASP) flats as well as high (but not six-inch) heels. “There’s nothing sexy about not being able to walk,” Parker says. NOW you tell us?

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