Pelosi Declines to Say Whether Cuomo Should Resign, While Biden Remains Silent

Pelosi Declines to Say Whether Cuomo Should Resign, While Biden Remains Silent
Photo:Alex Wong (Getty Images)

Dozens of top-ranking Democrats have called on Andrew Cuomo to resign following allegations that the New York governor had sexually harassed at least six women who used to work for him. Nancy Pelosi is not among them. Neither is Joe Biden.

Pelosi was given the opportunity to join their numbers in a Sunday interview with ABC’s This Week. But when asked whether she thinks that Cuomo should resign—something that both senate majority leader Chuck Schumer and fellow New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand have called for, as well as representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman—the House Speaker deferred to the pending results of New York attorney general Letitia James’ open investigation into the matter, NBC News reports.

“Hopefully, this result will be soon, and what I’m saying is the governor should look inside his heart…to see if he can govern effectively,” she said. “People have to look inside themselves and say…how effective is their leadership in leading the state under the circumstances that are there?”

Biden, on the other hand, has yet to directly comment on the allegations made against Cuomo, who also happens to be under intense and deserved scrutiny right now for trying to hide how many New Yorkers died of covid-19 in nursing homes last year. When asked of the president’s views during a White House press conference on Friday, press secretary Jen Psaki merely said that each of the governor’s accusers “deserves to have her voice heard,” according to PBS. Well in that case, I’d like to note that Lindsey Boylan, the first of those women to come forward to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment, criticized Biden’s silence as well as vice president Kamala Harris’ in a since-deleted tweet, per Insider.

As recently as Friday, Cuomo has said that he will not resign.

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