Penn State Doles Out Almost $60 Million to Sandusky Abuse Victims


On Monday, Penn State University announced that it would awarding $59.7 million to 26 men who were abused by Jerry Sandusky, a settlement that came after a year of negotiating. The Sandusky scandal has been an expensive one for the college; that nearly $60 million is in addition to more than $50 million they’ve spent cleaning up after the scandal, reports the Associated Press.

While this part of the saga is over for Sandusky’s abuse victims, the trial for three former Penn State administrators – ousted Penn State President Graham Spanier, retired Vice President Gary Schultz and retired Athletic Director Tim Curley – has yet to begin. Spanier is currently suing former FBI Director Louis Freeh; he’s accused Freeh for defaming him in a report Freeh did about potential coverup of Sandusky’s abuse at Penn State. But Spanier has asked a judge to defer that suit until his trial with his fellow former Penn State officials is over.

In related news, one of Joe Paterno‘s sons, Democrat Jay Paterno, is considering a run for Congress in Pennsylvania. Should he chose to run, Paterno would be presenting a decidedly different platform than the one supported by his late father, who was a Republican, and his brother, who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2004, also as a Republican.

Penn State to Pay $59.7 Million Over Sandusky Claims [WSJ]

Image via John Beale/AP

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