Pete Wentz Discusses Divorce, Thanks God For Charlie Sheen

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In a radio interview, Pete Wentz said Ashlee Simpson‘s “been my best friend for five years; she’s the mother of my child. I have nothing but love and respect for her and going through something like this isn’t easy, but we’re friends and the most important thing is to put our son first.” He added, “I think that one of the things, the hardest thing, is that when you’re a public profile it’s hard to maintain your private life, and you wanna do it especially when there’s a kid involved … It’s like the one time on earth I’m like, ‘Thank God, Charlie Sheen exists.'” [E!]

Jessica Simpson Tweeted, “Dreamt that I had a son named Tenacious D…. That was a strange one,” so obviously she’s pregnant. [Us]

As you’ve probably heard, there’s a rumor that someone’s shopping a sex tape featuring Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond. She responded: “Yes, I have had sex with my [ex] husband. Multiple times. Would I sanction a sextape being out? Absolutely not. I am a mother and entrepreneur. Sex tapes or pornography would not be my lane. I have no desire to be seen in that way.” [The YFB]

After her plane landed in NYC last night, Lindsay Lohan Tweeted, “I love ny – but the paparazzi @ jfk just gave me an anxiety attack….. i was half asleep! … They’re such animals 🙁 well- @ least im with my family in the end…. xo.” [People]

Kate Middleton‘s bachelorette party will have a Dirty Dancing theme. We’re guessing the Queen would frown on a choreographed dance routine during the reception. [People]
Kate‘s parents insisted on contributing a six-figure sum to the royal wedding, even though this will probably only pay for one of her shoes. [Us]

  • Ellen DeGeneres‘ stalker has been sentenced to three years probation and ordered to stay away from “both Mrs. DeGeneres.” [Radar]
  • A Polish man has been charged with burglarizing Madonna‘s London home over the weekend. Madonna and her children were in the U.S. attending her grandmother’s funeral. [Reuters]
  • Lady Gaga has been making surprise appearances at various clubs. Check out two videos of her performing “Born This Way” at the link. [N.Y. Mag]
  • Charlie Sheen has suffered at least four potentially fatal cocaine overdoses in the past few months, and he’s started popping nitroglycerine tablets, which he believes will prevent a heart attack. BTW, this story is from the National Enquirer, so there’s a good chance it’s all BS. [IDLYITW]
  • It was a busy weekend for Mel Gibson. In addition to pleading no contest to domestic assault, his third grandchild was born. Precious memories! [TMZ]
  • Bryan Adams and his personal assistant Alicia Grimaldi are expecting their first child in May. [People]
  • Josh Duggar and his wife Anna are expecting their second child in June. [Us]
  • Larry King is in talks to be a Daily Show contributor, presumably as the Senior Suspenders correspondent. [Deadline]
  • D’Angelo pled guilty last week to soliciting a prostitute. [Rolling Stone]
  • Gilbert Gottfried posted a dozen Japanese tsunami jokes on Twitter. Smart move! If you’re not that famous or funny, making disgusting jokes about people dying in a natural disaster is the only way to get some media attention. [TMZ]
  • Jimmy Kimmel posted an essay on The Huffington Post about waiting for the tsunami to hit in Bora Bora. He concludes, “The minor scare I experienced gave me a glimpse of the intense horror Japan is still experiencing. Help them if you can. Give to the American Red Cross here and send your good wishes and prayers Japan’s way. Sincerest thanks those who sent their wishes and prayers my way and to my daughter Katie, who gave news of our safe return a “like” on Facebook.” [HuffPo]
  • Steven Soderbergh says he’s retiring after filming Liberace and Man From U.N.C.L.E.. “When you reach the point where you’re, like, ‘if I have to get into a van to do anther scout I’m just going to shoot myself,’ it’s time to let somebody else who’s still excited about getting in the van, get in the van,” says Soderbergh. “And so it’s just time. For the last three years, I’ve been turning down everything that comes my way, so you’re not going to have Steven Soderbergh to kick around anymore.” [Reuters]
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