Pink's Baby Is Already Breaking Boundaries


Pink tweeted yesterday that her new baby daughter is “gorgeous, just like her daddy.” See what she did there?

Baby girls get called beautiful a lot more than baby boys do, and it’s common to hear an infant daughter described as “beautiful, just like her mommy.” Of course, that might seem a little arrogant for Pink to tweet about herself, but she could’ve just stopped at “gorgeous.” By adding “just like her daddy,” I think Pink’s sending a little fuck-you to anybody who thinks that dudes can’t be great to look at, or that there’s only one way to talk about a baby girl.

Pink’s good at fuck-yous — in an earlier tweet, she wrote, “I feel like my middle finger is sacred. I’ve been giving it away too easily.” She’s also no stranger to flouting gender stereotypes — she proposed to husband Carey Hart by holding up a sign that one of his races that said, “Will you marry me?” And she’s been vocal about her objections to traditional cultural expectations of young women. So sure, maybe Pink’s tweet was just a tossed-off line, but it makes clear that she thinks beyond pink and blue. Which can only be good for baby Willow Sage — not to mention her daddy.

Pink Welcomes A Baby Girl [People]

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