Please Sign This Petition To Keep James Corden Out Of The Wicked Movie

Put that man in the karaoke car and lock the doors.

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Please Sign This Petition To Keep James Corden Out Of The Wicked Movie
Image:Richard Harbaugh (Getty Images)

James Corden is a very specific kind of celebrity in that you’re not entirely sure why he’s famous and beloved, but you know he does some stuff and gets paid for it. For many Americans, Corden came into consciousness via Carpool Karaoke, a recurring segment on his late-night show, The Late Late Show. The segment involves Corden trapping celebrities in his car and forcing them to sing, all while he acts as backup singer, interviewer, and chauffeur (who somehow never actually looks at the road).

Objectively, Corden has a lovely singing voice but everything else about him, from top to bottom, is so corny that even a withered old theater hag, like myself, finds him absolutely unbearable. As it turns out, other theater lovers feel the same way. Over the weekend, fans of the upcoming Wicked film adaptation started a petition to prevent Corden from being cast in the movie. The petition now has over 34,000 signatures. The demands of the petition are simple, “James Corden, in no way shape, or form, should be in or near the production of Wicked the movie. That’s pretty much it.” Sounds reasonable to me!

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