Plus-Size Ladies Embraced By Polish Elle


Reader P.K. emailed us to say: “I think there must be a memo floating around in fashion magazines’ editor’s room — everywhere June is ‘size acceptance issue’ month. I’m sending you scans of Polish Elle‘s June issue.”

P.K. writes:

On the cover it reads (left side): “For the first time! Beautiful curvy models in 42 plus size + 21 pages of sexy ideas and good addresses for women who don’t want to lose weight.”

She continues:

There are a few editorials, one of which was already seen on Jezebel, with Tara Lynn for French Elle. And: There is Big is Trendy (lit. means Big is En Vogue) with “real women” (emphasis mine, they’re successful, hard-working women, who love fashion and can afford it, which is not always the case with, you know, real women).
The first one, Olga Kwiecinska, is PR manager, works for a TV production company.
In the editorial there’s typical stuff, I tried to break it down a little:
Lubie => I like
(about fashion and myself – for example fun and my cleavage, or accessories and simplicity)
Kupuje => I buy
(stores, brands, designers, what they’re going to buy for a new season, how they care about their bodies, etc.).
This second woman is Ania Orlowska, very popular Polish make-up artist.
The third lady is Izabela Bujniewicz, musical theatre actress (I haven’t heard of her, but that doesn’t mean she’s not good, just maybe not widely popular).
In the quotes, the women talk about complexes and acceptance, about looking good and feeling great in their bodies, and how and what they love (about) fashion… and high heels.

A hearty thanks and a big round of applause to P.K. for the information and the scans! What we love most about these women — who range from European size 42 to size 46 (American sizes 12-16) is that they look so happy, vibrant and confident. It’s a fun shoot, and really drives home the point idea that, despite what American Elle‘s editor thinks, fashion can be even more inspirational (and aspirational) when it’s inclusive .

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