Poll: Would You Eat This Dress? 


Kate Walsh attended a Golden Globes party last night at the Chateau Marmont, and don’t you just kind of want to lick her dress?

Not digging her choice in accessories, but this melted taffy-esque Rubin Singer getup is wonderful and weird and I want to poke it and maybe take a tiny lil’ bite, nothing to see here, why are you making this weird?! Let’s take another gander:

Ooooh, and check it from the back—like melted lucite, but the kind you want to snack on, you know?

So, Would You Eat This Dress?

A. Nah

B. I’d take a nibble

C. Yes, I would make a meal of it

D. I would wear the dress and eat the entire thing on the go, until I’m just walking around naked with a stomach full of delicious plastic

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