Poor Harvey Weinstein Would Like to Let You Know He's Had 'One Hell of a Year' 


Harvey Weinstein is having a hard time. I wonder why?

The New York Times reports on an email that Weinstein reportedly sent to a circle of close friends, in which he whines about how hard it is to undergo a criminal investigation for multiple assault allegations. TMZ posted the full email, which read:

Dear ____,
I’ve had one hell of a year…the worst nightmare of my life. As you can see from these articles, the police have played a very difficult role in my investigation. All 3 police officers have either been retired, or repositioned from the SVU. The articles are self explanatory, but I’d like to speak to you on the phone if you have some time. There is more to this story…I appreciate your confidentiality.
Have a read of these articles. I wish I didn’t have to ask, but I’d be very appreciative of your time.

I wonder what’s more of a nightmare; having to be investigated after nearly a hundred women accuse you of harassment or assault, or being one of the women who has to come forward and explain one of the darkest experiences of her life to the public, only for most of them to think she’s lying or brought this on herself?

Weinstein’s lawyer Ben Brafman tells the times that he did not know Weinstein sent the email until afterward and says it was not part of any legal strategy, even though the email reflects how Brafman has spoken about the investigation. “We are getting killed by people writing articles, books and creating a sensation out of a case that has been in shambles,” he told the NYT. Brafman also recently said he wants to use “friendly” email correspondence between the producers and his accusers to suggest their relationships were consensual. And this week he also filed another motion in court asking for another assault charge to be dismissed after a friend of the victim said she was told that the victim and Weinstein were having a consensual relationship.

The Weinstein case has had some stumbling blocks, such as when one of the six charges was dismissed after it was revealed a detective mishandled interviews with former actor Lucia Evans and a lead detective was dismissed from the case after urging a victim to delete private material from her phone. But Weinstein still faces multiple charges and other lawsuits, including a defamation case filed by Ashley Judd, a sex-trafficking lawsuit filed by British actor Kadian Noble and another from a German woman, and a lawsuit filed by actor Paz De la Huerta for her alleged rape and harassment.

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