Powerful Satirical PSA Explains Why Rape Is Always Your Fault


Well, if you’re a woman being raped. If you’re the man doing the raping, you’re totally in the clear. After all, the woman was just standing there being a woman.

Created by All India Bakchod, a group of comedians in India, “It’s Your Fault” addresses — often brutally — a lot of the common assumptions about women who are sexually assaulted. It’s what you were wearing, it’s that you were outside, it’s that you were with boys, it’s that you weren’t with boys — underlying message: It’s that you’re a woman, and it’s your fault.

According to a Times of India survey, 96% of Indian women in Delhi feel unsafe after sunset, and it’s estimated that two women are raped every minute. The PSA is obviously pointed at how authorities in India are addressing — and not addressing — the problem of rape in India. Proposed solutions to the matter of sexual violence include largely ineffective b.s. like banning the display of lingerie in storefronts and suggesting women wear electric underwear. Ugh.

This video deftly deals with the reality of being a woman within rape culture — if we can’t take responsibility off of the victims (and potential victims) to protect themselves and place it onto the people actually perpetuating the crimes, then we live in a world where this isn’t a parody.

[Fast Company, Huffington Post]

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