Pregnant Blake Lively Craves Organic Ice Cream and Small Batch Pickles

Blake Lively has cravings for pickles and ice cream just like any other pregnant lady. Certified organic and local pickles and ice cream.

A source has informed Heat magazine of Blake Lively’s cravings, and honestly, it seems a little too Preserve to be true.

”She sends Ryan out in the middle of the night for organic hand-churned pumpkin-flavoured ice cream and small-batch pickles.

I mean, what grocery or convenience store that sells that type of fancy shit is even open in the middle of the night?

”He barely has five hours sleep and even when he gets in bed she asks for hour-long foot and neck massages.”

First of all I think she has every right to demand foot and neck massages. Second, you gotta love how a celebrity’s lifestyle brand’s success is based purely on one’s ability to take a popular food item and add the word organic to it. “A New Spin on a Classic Dish” is clearly the mantra to live by these days, and “organic” makes it that much easier. [ Contact Music]

It’s Jamie Oliver and Taylor Swift (but mostly Jamie Oliver) engaging in a baking competition while Jamie Oliver sings “Bake It Off.” Like “Shake it off.”

The star is that Kitchenaid stand mixer. I think it’s the lighting, but it looks pearl-colored, and now all I want is a pearl Kitchenaid. [ONTD]

  • A Red Hot Chili Peppers fan confused Jason Schwartzman for Anthony Kiedis and Schwartzman just went with it, signing various RHCP paraphernalia, so as to not embarrass the poor fan. Pretty silly, but my favorite Anthony Kiedis impersonation is definitely by Jon Daly, when he released the spot-on RHCP parody song “Abracadabralifornia” in time for the Super Bowl last year. [Screen Crush]
  • Emile Hirsch joined Instagram yesterday, and has two photos: one of him with his adorable son, and one captioned, “Pimpin at the Pumpkin patch.” I gave in and joined ‘Insta’ last week. But I’m not pimpin at a pumpkin patch. 🙁 [Just Jared]
  • Here is a video from 1999 of 18-year-old Chan Crawford (known today as Channing Tatum, the inspiration behind Magic Mike) performing a striptease number at a revue called Male Encounter. Yes he keeps the socks on. Suggestion: mute the audio and throw on Ciara’s “Body Party.” [ US Magazine]
  • Paula Patton is “really excited” about her future post-Robin Thicke. So am I! [Contact Music]
  • Bruce Jenner is now dating Ronda Kamihira, Kris Jenner’s best friend. And Kris Jenner is pissed because Ronda never told her about it. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives. [TMZ]
  • Dane Cook claimed he had sex with a few hundred women during his college tour days on Watch What Happens Live. I would just like to take a moment of silence for the handful of people who still sport a “Su-Fi” tattoo.

    Thank you. [ ONTD]

  • Holy shit, Bono has had glaucoma all this time. That’s why he wears those ridiculous shades. Glaucoma! For 20 years! [TMZ]
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, aka Simon Adebisi from Oz, will be playing a character called Malko in Game of Thrones. The character does not appear in George RR Martin’s novels, and I will probably watch the show for him. [ONTD]
  • SATURDAY. (Suggestion: throw on Ciara’s “Body Party” and watch this gif.)
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