​Princeton Mom Gloriously Loses Her Shit Over #EndFathersDay Hoax


Did you hear? Angry ovary-shriveled feminists are taking to Twitter in an attempt to #EndFathersDay. Except no, they’re not because that shit was yet another 4chan prank that was debunked before it could really pick up steam. But apparently that doesn’t matter, because today our good ol’ pals at Fox & Friends invited Susan Patton on to lament the cold-blooded murder of Fatherhood as we know it. And the results are absolutely hilarious.

Before watching this, keep in mind, it’s simply for entertainment purposes. The premise of the segment has already been debunked. Yes, there were no doubt some people who sincerely tweeted with that hashtag. But the majority of the hashtaggers seem to either be trolling or calling out people who they assumed were being sincere.

Of course, Tucker Carlson’s statement that “There’s a reason there are more women living in poverty now than any time in my lifetime—it’s because there are fewer married women” is a bit harder to laugh at, especially in light of George Will’s recent douchebaggery.

Still, it’s amazing to watch people get huffy over something someone pawned off on feminists. Like this is exactly what sustains Susan Patton as a person:

“They’re not just interested in ending Father’s Day, they’re interested in ending men. That’s really what they want.”

The next time I have to fill out something that asks me about my interests, I WILL be including “Ending men.”

“We’re talking about a group of antagonistic feminists, who, firstly, don’t even have men in their lives probably,. So this really has nothing to do with them in its entirety. It just one more thing, one more micro-aggression for them to latch onto and get crazy over.”

Classic. Not only are we resorting to the oldest trick in the book, undermining the single women demographic, but we’re also treading into some shitty territory of misusing the idea of microaggression. To be fair, Princeton Mom most likely has no semblance of what microaggression as it pertains to race, gender, sexual orientation, and culture is, so it’s safe to say she wasn’t referring to that type of microaggresion. But somehow that makes it even sillier.

Well played 4chan.

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