R. Kelly Robbed Blind 


Georgia police announced on Wednesday that they identified a suspect who they say stole absolutely everything out of R. Kelly’s two Atlanta homes while the singer was on tour, then probably sold the items off.

Police told WSBTV that they first received a tip about one of the robberies on November 26 from a woman hired to maintain Kelly’s home while he was away performing in New Orleans. The woman reportedly told police that “everything was gone.”

Johns Creek Police Captain Chris Byers said items the thieves absconded with include several televisions, couches, tables, chairs, and a diamond-encrusted hoodie.

Some of Kelly’s neighbors also told police that they’d seen various “suspicious” trucks at the two homes. The thieves allegedly posed as movers and a man named Alfonso Walker—who’d done “odd jobs” for Kelly before, according to police—told Kelly’s neighbors that the singer was “moving his organization out of Atlanta back to Chicago and was selling of all his belongings,” Byers said.

Authorities now believe it’s likely that Walker sold the times in Kelly’s house room by room (Byers says his department was able to get in touch with at least one buyer who paid $6,000 for the stuff in Kelly’s bedroom).

In the latest report, Byers says that Walker is still on the run, although he’d planned to turn himself in on Tuesday. He just hasn’t got around to that yet.

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