Ralph Lauren Is For The Deadwood-Loving Wild, Wild West Woman In You


Ralph Lauren is obsessed with Americana, and today’s spring 2011 collection was a romanticization of The West. Think wide open spaces, prairie prints, cowgirl plaids, leather, lace. Think Paul Newman on a bike in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid!

Saloon girl meets cowgirl.

When times are tough, you can sew all of Grandma’s doilies together and make a duster.

There was lots and lots of leather and lace.

(Hanging at the bar outside of Taos?)

Lauren wasn’t just influenced by the West, but by the Southwest: This vest seems Navajo-blanket-esque.

As is this bag.

And this one.

How much do you think this faux-vintage cultural appropriation costs?

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, white is going to be big for spring 2011.

The ruffles on the blouse are dumb, but the bag! Swooning over the doctor’s bag. I am robbing this lady’s stagecoach.

This is not my style, and I would never wear it even if I could afford it, but I do like the idea of pairing soft with rugged; workman’s pants with lace.

I also like the idea of ladies rocking menswear.

The very literal Western stuff – fringed pants, whip-stitched leather — seems kind of hokey.

But Ralph Lauren knows a thing or two about pretty gowns. And in that respect, he did not fail. This is dreamy.






GORGEOUS. My word.


The man buys into his own ideas of “America,” that’s for sure.

[Images via Getty.]

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