Rashida Jones Reportedly in Talks to Co-Write 9 To 5 Remake


Deadline reported on Wednesday that 20th Century Fox has been taking steps toward developing a remake of the 1980 comedy 9 to 5, and sources say the studio has been courting Rashida Jones to co-write the script along with creator Pat Resnick.

What’s more, the original stars of the film—Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin—are reportedly game to reprise their roles.

According to Deadline, this new incarnation of the film would “focus on three young women dealing with sexism and chauvinism in the workplace, who turn to the original trio for help in navigating and getting even with the coarse male higher-ups.” And the studio believes Jones is just the person to “make the concept relevant to a young comedy audience.”

Which shouldn’t be so difficult, seeing as 9 to 5 is already beloved and most young people are already discussing sexual harassment in the workplace frequently and openly. The thought that this phenomenon needs to be “made relevant” is the most dated thing about the project, but I’m not completely withholding my excitement—it’s far too early for that and, besides, Dolly Parton is involved.

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