Re-Enactment Of Sheen's Hookers & Blow Adventure In The Works


Ooh, this should be fun. Kacey Jordan, the young lady who partied with Chuckles and then promptly received a $30,000 check, will star in an adult film which recreates the 36 hours she, Charlie (and some other fine ladies) spent together.

So many questions! For instance: Do intellectual property rights allow these kind of shenanigans? Is Kacey writing the film? Will it be “as told to” or “inspired by”? Will the title be cover-your-ass-ish, like Definitely Not What Happened At Charlie’s House? Will we finally learn exactly what the Gucci bag full of drugs looked like? Will a porn film really end with the male character being rushed to a hospital? As of right now, there’s no word on who’s playing Charlie, but if we hear that he is playing himself, we will try to act surprised.

EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s Porn Star Pal To Star In XXX Re-Creation Of Her Night With Him [Radar Online]

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