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RAWR! Today’s best comments have animal magnetism!

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to If Lassie Were A Cat, Timmy Would Be In Trouble: “To be fair, Cat Lassie would probably take the time to rub her tail in your face, lick herself and throw up a hairball before she abandoned you for a nap.” • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Ralph Lauren Now Photoshopping Dogs:

Alright, everyone smiling? Spike?”
“*Grumble grumble* What?”
“Smile, Spike.”
“I’m a dog! I can’t smi-“
“Spike. We talked about this.”
“It’s not even a fucking polo!”
“Don’t make me get the whistle.”
“I will eat you.”
Kid in the striped yellow polo: “Take the goddamn picture.”

Jpeg Of The Day: here!

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