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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to It’s Your Lucky Day!: “WOO GAEILGE AR MO JHEZEBEL! Go raibh míle, Dodai! For you, here’s Celebrity, Sex, Fashion in Irish: Cáil, Gnéas, Faisean.” We say: Thanks, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Girls Who Think They’re Fat Want To Kill Themselves: “YES CRITICAL THINKING!! We are not going to stop clothing designers/magazine editors from wanting glossy perfect skeletons to advertise their wares. What can be instilled is a healthy dose of skepticism toward the media that produces these unrealistic images of womanhood, and the knowledge that they are doing so solely to create a feeling of emptiness in consumers which can only be filled with the products they are selling.” You Say: “I was raised to question EVERYTHING. Print, radio, television, other people… and I had (and still have, to a lesser extent) horrible self-image issues. Critical thinking is sooooo important to learn, and I can only imagine how much worse my problems would be without it, but still… We live in an incredibly media-saturated culture. I’m opposed to censorship for reasons unrelated to this debate, but I think there needs to be more disclosure about when Photoshop is used in advertisements and on magazine covers. Don’t they do that in Australia?”

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