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Finally Friday! Just one best comment today, but it is so titillating!

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Secret To A Happy Marriage Circa ’33? “Peppy Flavor.”:

The new bride next door cried because her husband said her food was tasteless. I took over my box of Colman’s Mustard and told her men like peppy food. We laughed about this together until her hand was on my knee. Then I realized why I had been struggling with giving a damn about the peppiness of my husband’s food for so long. She had stopped crying long ago and was looking at me with a coy smile that made my heart go pitter-pat faster than Colman’s mustard. She leaned in. I leaned in. I kissed her and we both liked it. Several hours later I was leaving her house, sure to figure out other “foods” her “husband” might “like.”
P.S.–I forgot the Colman’s at her house because a whole new chapter in my life had just opened.

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