Reader Roundup


Curious which comments were nominated as “best” or “worst” today? Wonder no more! Check out the quips readers felt were worth recognition:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Video Shows Just How Much Lady Gaga Gets From Madonna: “Lady Gaga is an alien from a distant galaxy who spent years studying Earth’s people via advanced satellite technology before beaming herself down into our stratosphere to regurgitate the last 30 years of pop culture back in our faces.” • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Whitesnake Wine, For When You Really Want To Party: “The bottle has a false bottom that hides a pair torn of acid washed jeans and a can of Aquanet.” • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Today In World Cup Abdominals: Viva Italiano: “After a tough negotiation this morning, I stood up, took off my blouse and attempted to hand it to opposing counsel. I don’t think she took it as the display of sportsmanship that I intended. Also, I don’t think anyone appreciated my use of the vuvuzela to indicate my appreciation of my co-counsel’s masterful suggestion of nonbinding arbitration. I am beginning to think that the World Cup may not apply to my daily life like I thought it would.” • Jpeg Of The Day: here!

DON’T FORGET: These comments are here because they were nominated by readers. If you see a great, funny, insightful, eloquent (or awful) comment, nominate it! Email the comment and the timestamp link to the left of the comment to Hortense at [email protected].

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