Reader Roundup: Gaga's Art Goes Where Man Has Gone Before


For today’s best comments, you put your creativity into warp drive.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Focused On Fashion At Women’s World Cup: “German models? Her name must be Una Brau.” • Best Comment Of The Day in response to Gaga’s Vag Is The Key To Her Art:

Actually, she’s close to the mark but she still does not understand the creative process.
Creativity is stored in the ovaries. Meanwhile, semen is filled with anti-creativity. So when a man ejaculates, he’s shooting a load of anti-creativity into the woman, nullifying the effects of her creative biological process.
It’s a lot like a matter/anti-matter reaction. That’s how the Enterprise works – with matter/anti-matter reactions. When regulated properly, the Enterprise goes happily on its Prime Directive way. But when things aren’t properly regulated, all sorts of bad things happen. So, if Lady Gaga properly regulates the interaction through contraceptives, regular screenings for STDs, and crazy outfits, she should be able to have intercourse without problems.
But, if she doesn’t, the anti-creativity can come into contact with her creativity, creating a “fertilization incident” which will eventually require her to be in drydock for refitting for some time.
Also, like on Star Trek when there’s an overload in the engine room and the Enterprise has to eject its warp core.
That’s what menstruation is – a woman discharging her creative core before there’s a creativity overload.

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