Reader Roundup: Presented In 3-D


Today’s best comments, now with 25% more bacon!

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Rihanna Defends Her French Gibberish Tattoo: “With a rebel flower she cried- “noun, noun, noun”.”
Best Comment Of The Day in response to Mom Booted From Chocolate Shop For Breastfeeding:

Since some ladies have asked, YES, sometimes it is very hard to cover up! After a certain age, the baby becomes very aware of his/her surrounding and will refuse to be covered. After about 6 weeks, Lil Ruby refused to be covered.
So you can prefer to not see booby, which means you prefer to hear the baby screaming. I’d rather opt for the silent booby.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to James Cameron Think Oscar-Winning Film The Hurt Locker Could Be Improved:

Is 3D going to be the new Bacon?
Wouldn’t this burger be better with bacon? Wouldn’t this steak be better with bacon? Wouldn’t this salad be better with bacon? Wouldn’t this chocolate be better with bacon? Wouldn’t this bra be better with bacon?
Sure, it’s fun for a while but holy mother of saturated fat, when will it end?
Some of us don’t eat bacon.
Some of us can’t handle 3D.

Best Comment Of The Day from #groupthink:

So I just checked the COTD page and there have been only TWO nominations today! Come on! There is way too much hilarity on Jezebel to only have two COTD nominations (although those did make me laugh out loud).
A reminder of how to nominate:
The direct link to the comment is located on the comment’s timestamp. Copy the web address. Paste it into a new comment at the top of the homepage (where it says “Let your fingers do the talking”). Add #cotd to the bottom of it. Click SHARE.
Now the link to the comment is in the cotd hash (located at slash tag slash cotd) and we can all peruse the funniest of the day there like a best-of compilation.
And as further incentive to nominate, if you don’t start nominating I’m just going to start nominating myself all damn day and TRUST ME I have not said anything today worth nominating. So there you go.

Reminder: Rather than emailing us your daily comment nominations, we’d like you to submit them in the tips box at the top of the page. So send us your nominations via that box — complete with the outstanding comment’s URL — and tag your nomination #cotd. (Replying to a comment with “#cotd” does not work.) From here on out, we’ll mine through the brilliance via the Comment of the Day tag page.

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