Real Housewives of Atlanta's Marlo Hampton on Being a 'Munty' and, Yes, a Peacemaker


To prep for our interview with Marlo Hampton, I found myself reminiscing about some of her greatest reads on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. There was the time she told Shamari DeVoe her reunion dress looked like she got it from a discount store for tweens. There’s also her epic battle with Sheree Whitfield, during which Hampton told her, “Everyone at Neiman Marcus talks about how you return stuff,” and taunted Whitfield for having only one Rolex “that’s exciting.” For the record, I own zero Rolexes—but I digress.

Yet, when Hampton stopped by our studio to chat about the show and her new role as a “Munty”—caring for her nephews William and Michael—she says this season she’s more of a peacemaker. “I’ve grown tremendously since I’ve joined the show,” she told Jezebel. “Now before I speak, I try and say ‘Hey, Marlo. What if they’re watching?’ So it’s just being a role model and it’s time for a change.”

If you’re wondering why Hampton can afford more than one Rolex, watch the video above.

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