Real Housewives Of New York City: Even The Husbands Are Bitchier This Season


Last night’s premiere focused on drama sparked by a Cindy Adams column in the New York Post. Basically, the cast members have been using the press to make bitchy remarks about one another.

First of all, how ridiculous is it that they all take Cindy Adams seriously? The backstory: Jill talked smack about Simon to Cindy after she read some comments he made about her in a New York magazine article. The offensive quote was:

I’ve always loved to study people. I mean, for example, Jill’s from Long Island, and boy, that shows. You can see these sorts of people from areas outside Sydney and London as well.

The thing is that such a statement is only really offensive if you think that being from Long Island is gross. What’s weird is they’re all talking about this shit while they’re actually sitting in beautiful homes in the Hamptons – located on Long Island.

But seriously, Simon and Alex are weird. I thought it was particularly confusing when they were getting ready to go the Hamptons, Alex said to her son, “I have an idea. Francois, could you go into my closet and bring out some shoes you think I need to pack?”

Then he brought out these.

Patent leather, closed-toe, fuck-me pumps for the beach? He’s straight.

Oh, and one last thing: How rich was it when LuAnn said that she hates when people think they’re better than other people? What she meant is that she hates when people think they’re better than Countesses who talk about themselves in the third person.

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