Real Housewives Reunion: Systematic Bullshit


Last night, on part two of the RHONYC reunion, the group finally approached perhaps the most anticipated topic: Kelly’s Caribbean Crazytime. Despite the fact that cameras caught her erratic—and malevolent—behavior, she insists she’s a victim of “systematic bullying.”

As she says, “The Kelly train is out of the station.” Except it’s like it’s already wrecked and she won’t use the emergency exit, because she either refuses acknowledge it, or she’s just too stupid to realize it. Either way—crazy or stupid—her brain is not functioning as it should. As she was explaining how she was “systematically bullied” during the all-girl vacation in the Virgin Islands, the other women looked like they, too, were about to lose their minds.

But Kelly thinks that all the bullying is OK, because she’s been able to raise social consciousness about the issue, and has been able to be charitable and give back to the community. No mention was made of the fact her community sentence was actually court-ordered, stemming from an assault charge.

Host Andy Cohen wanted to make sure that Kelly—however illogical—got a chance to speak, without being interrupted (by common sense). But then she insisted that Bravo “forced” her to go on the trip, and that she had no choice in the matter. Once she was attacking the network, Andy—the Senior VP of Production and Programming—had to cut her off to tell her that what she was saying was completely untrue. Oddly enough, Kelly, who’s claimed that she is shy, nice, and unable to defend herself, held her ground, insisting that she was, in fact, forced. I wouldn’t put it beyond any network to hold its personalities to contractual obligations, but the fact that LuAnn and Jill both did not go on the trip indicates that there was no coercion on Bravo’s part.

Confronted with some more bullying (of the truth?), Kelly walked off the set.

In this sneak peek of part three of the reunion show—airing on Thursday—Sonja confronts Kelly about her accusations that she was a victim of four-against-one bullying, and asked her how she victimized Kelly. Kelly admitted that Sonja was not mean to her, and apologized, but followed that up with saying that Sonja had a lot to drink and doesn’t really remember what happened.

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