Real Housewives: "You Are In High School And I Am In Brooklyn"


On last night’s episode, Bethenny’s estranged father died, shortly after she reconciled with him. However, the way this life-changing event affected her was not nearly important as how it affected her ex-BFF Jill.

At Jennifer’s party—the day that news broke about Bethenny’s father—Jill ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, yelling at Ramona for not telling her immediately about Bethenny’s father’s illness and his subsequent death. And even though she made it seem like she was upset because she and Bethenny had, at one point, been very close, she never asked how Bethenny was doing or how she was handling her grief, instead talking about how much it hurt her that she wasn’t in the loop of Bethenny’s life. Then she ran into a pantry.

Round two commenced when Alex showed up. She and Jill went at it immediately, and we learned that Jill hadn’t learned the news of Bethenny’s father’s death at Jennifer’s party, but found out about it earlier in the day through “a news wire.” (Google alert?) As funny as Alex’s comment about high school/Brooklyn was, I sort of felt for her here. However, I think that Jill’s behavior could be more accurately described as junior high school: I think that’s the last time I can remember someone running away and crying in another room, only to resurface to laugh in someone else’s face.

Also, I’m really excited about the addition of Jennifer to the cast (as a part-timer), because her commentary is pretty good.

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