Reba McEntire: 'Okurrr!'


Ugh, this is so good. My favorite genre of interview answer is the abrupt interjection that doesn’t quite answer the question being asked and is better for it (see Liza Minnelli’s “Balls to you!”), and Reba McEntire just delivered a new classic. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the country legend was asked whether her Cardi B fandom would lead to a collaboration. McEntire did not answer the question but instead turned her head away from the interviewer to screech her version of Cardi’s now trademarked catchphrase, “Okurrr.”

But it didn’t sound like, “Okurrr.” It sounded like, “Okay-ra!” Kind of like the vegetable that is a staple of gumbo… with a trill.

How bizarre. How startling. How so good it’s bad.

“I still can’t do it like she does, I guess that’s the Okie version,” McEntire continued. Then she did it again and it was still not good.

“You can pass a lot of time doin’ that!” added McEntire. Imagine Reba McEntire spending hours just saying, “Okurrr,” repeatedly. It’s easy if you try.

McEntire also discussed acquiring creative freedom over the course of her 40+ year career, and why she thinks it’s now easier to be a woman in country music than it was previously.

Last month, a clip of McEntire saying, “Okurrr,” went somewhat viral on Twitter. The impression was much better in that one with the proper seamless transition into the trill. McEntire is either regressing or trailblazing. I just hope she keeps going, no matter where “Okay-ra” takes her.

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