Rebel Wilson Discovers People Treat Women Better After They Lose Weight

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Rebel Wilson Discovers People Treat Women Better After They Lose Weight
Image:Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for La Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco (Getty Images)

Australian actor Rebel Wilson lost 60 pounds recently—the kind of physical transformation that transfixes tabloids for months, if not years—and has apparently just learned that people tend to be nicer to straight-size women in the process. “I think what’s been really interesting is how other people treat you,” she said during an interview with Aussie radio show The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin on Wednesday. “Sometimes being bigger, people didn’t necessarily look twice at you. Now that I’m in good shape, people offer to carry my groceries to the car and hold doors open for you. I’m like, ‘is this what other people experienced all the time?’”

If by “other people” she means “other women of a certain size, deemed an acceptable level of conventional attractiveness,” then, sure. It’s a fucked up world, Wilson. [Hollywood Life]

Image:Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for ABA (Getty Images)

In November of last year, Rita Ora allegedly and voluntarily paid a $10,000 fine after breaking U.K. lockdown restrictions for a 30-person birthday dinner at Casa Cruz in Notting Hill, West London. (The actual number of attendees has been disputed, but it is definitely… a lot.) News of the event went public, and Ora apologized for her “serious and inexcusable error of judgement,” saying she held the “misguided view” that the restrictions had been lifted.

That was then, this is now: According to Page Six, London police claim Ora called the restaurant and offered owner Scottie Bhattarai £5,000 (roughly $6,829) to break covid-19 rules for the party. He accepted, recognizing his behavior as “greedy,” but only expecting seven guests to show up—on the night, something like 20 guests showed, he said in a statement, including Cara Delevingne and Poppy Delevingne.

Apparently Bhattarai also said guests supplied their own booze, and security requested there be no evidence of the event, so he turned off the restaurant’s security cameras. Sounds like Ora knew what she was doing wasn’t exactly above board, right? [Page Six]

Grimes—musician, producer, mother, partner to toxic billionaire Elon Musk, has written some “Haha financial poetry.” You didn’t ask, yet I’m delivering:

  • Meredith Marks says The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City saved her marriage and, uh, I must not be up to that episode yet. [Page Six]
  • Cardi B spends $1,000 a week on covid-19 tests for her team and herself. That is… a lot of money. [BuzzFeed]
  • Michael Strahan has tested positive for coronavirus, which is shocking, mostly because I assumed all rich and powerful celebrities had already successfully bogarted the vaccine. [TMZ]
  • Shawn King, widow to the later Larry King, says he died of an infection—not coronavirus specifically, like his ex-wife Julia Alexander said—and that his last words were, “I love you, take care of the boys.” Now, who is cutting onions in here? [Page Six]
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