Rebel Wilson Says Surviving  a ‘Situationship’ Is What Prepared Her for Real Love

Since being heartbroken by an unnamed female tennis player, Wilson's fallen in love and has a child. Not my experience, personally, but good for her!

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Rebel Wilson Says Surviving  a ‘Situationship’ Is What Prepared Her for Real Love

Ahead of Rebel Wilson’s forthcoming memoir Rebel Rising: A Memoir, out next week, the Bridesmaids actress spoke to People on Wednesday, previewing some of the deeply personal subject matter her book will dive into. That includes a “situationship” with an unnamed female tennis player, which Wilson indirectly credits with preparing her for a real, long-term, loving relationship. That is… not my experience personally, seeing as that kind of thing tends to drag me eons backwards, but I’m happy for her!

“Sometimes, when I was dating men, people would even comment, they’re like, ‘God, Rebel, you can take them or leave them. You weren’t that ever invested,’” Wilson told People. “And then, here was somebody where [I] felt so invested in and even thought at one point, ‘Oh, I could give up my career for this person, travel around the world on the tennis circuit.’”

That relationship with the anonymous athlete presumably did not end well—but nonetheless, it pushed Wilson to be vulnerable and feel a real investment in someone for the first time: “I describe it as cracking open my heart. Like you could open a fresh can of tennis balls…that’s what it did to me,” Wilson said. “And, I guess, when I saw people write love songs or poetry about love, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s nice’. But I don’t think I’d ever understood that until I felt that for a person.”

I do just think that’s beautiful, honestly! A situationship can easily make someone lose their marbles with uncertainty, anxiety, insecurity, even stress-induced vomiting, and hair loss—for, um, some people… But it’s encouraging to know that at least for Wilson, all of that ultimately took her somewhere. Wilson has been in a relationship with designer Ramona Agruma since June 2022, and the two have been engaged since February 2023; Agruma and Wilson share daughter Royce, born in November 2022. 

And Wilson seems to attribute all that joy to getting her heart broken by that tennis player. “It could have been that just the guys I was dating just weren’t the one. Or that, also, I wasn’t open to intimacy that much back then, so I never allowed myself to feel real feelings,” Wilson said. “And then the first time was with the tennis player.” So, you heard it from Wilson: Sometimes you need to get cracked open like an egg and have your heart ripped out and stomped on as preparation to meet the love of your life. Something to think about if nothing’s really going your way right now!

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