Red, White & Bad At The Latino Inaugural Gala


Last night’s Latino Inaugural Gala at D.C.’s Union Station brought out J.Lo, Rosario Dawson, Shakira, Rosie, and some of the oddest duds we’ve seen in many a moon.

The Good:

For some reason, J.Lo’s drag Jackie O. feels absolutely right for an inaugural ball!

Soledad O’Brien‘s cerulean empire may be the best look of the night.

Maybe not Rosario Dawson’s sexiest look, but elegant nonetheless.

Angelica Vale looks chic and comfy!

The Bad:

Shakira’s gown is reminiscent of a cos lettuce.

What is it that makes Rosie Perez‘s getup look so awkward and frumpy? The neckline? The length? The tights?

Paulina Rubio’s mess of spackle manages to be both dowdy and uncomfortable-looking!

Say what you will, Cucu Diamantes definitely takes “most patriotic.” And how often do you get an occasion to wear this dress?

The Ugly:

Lila Down’s flamenco madwoman of Shaillot walks away with this one.

[Images via Getty]

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