Rehab Forces Lindsay Lohan To Confront Twitter Addiction

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  • At the Betty Ford Center, LiLo’s also getting treatment for her Twitter addiction. Cutting her off from technology “allows her to concentrate on herself,” says a source. [Page Six]
  • Dina’s gotten tight with Kris Jenner, and everyone’s hoping Kim and Lindsay will hang out more too. Says a source, “Kim has also struck up a friendship with Lindsay, and because Kim doesn’t party, doesn’t touch drugs and doesn’t really drink, they hope she’ll be a good influence.” But she does Tweet! [Page Six]
  • Kim is apparently dating One Tree Hill‘s Michael Copon. Says some source, “They have been running in the same circles and going to the same events forever, but now they are hitting it off romantically…The timing is right for both of them.” You can watch it play out when the reality show airs! [InTouch]
  • Speaking of people who buy pregnancy tests! Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle Deleasa were spotted shopping for one at a Rite Aid. Says some “friend,” “They’re mature for their age, and they want to start a family…They’d consider it a major blessing if Danielle was pregnant.” [InTouch]
  • Angus T. Jones, the half from Two and a Half Men, continues to make a killing: he just signed a 26- episode deal that guarantees the 16-year-old $7.8 million over the next two seasons, plus a $500,000 signing bonus. Meanwhile, Huge continues to be canceled. [TMZ]
  • Brad Pitt, along with Knox and Vivienne, has apparently joined the rest of the clan in Hungary, where Angelina Jolie is shooting her directorial debut. The older kids are already enrolled in a French-American school there. [People]
  • Semi-famous mistress Rachel Uchitel says her Cartier watch was stolen by the managers of a sober living house. Not the same one she goes to in Celebrity Rehab, though. [Rachel Uchitel]
  • Ozzy Osborne is seriously peeved that his music was quoted by the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in an anti-gay protest. Said he, “I am sickened and disgusted by the use of ‘Crazy Train’ to promote messages of hate and evil by a ‘church.'” [E!]
  • Aging gigolo Prince Frederic von Anhalt, husband to Zsa Zsa Gabor and former Anna Nicole Smith-paternity-claimant, is selling his Duke’s uniform. He says it’s to help pay his wife’s medical expenses and tells TMZ, “I risked my life in 1978 when I went to East Germany to get this uniform. The f**king communists hated me.” [TMZ]
  • Russell Brand and the pap who allegedly tried to take an upskirt shot of Katy Perry have a sit-down mediation scheduled for November 19. That should go well. [TMZ]
  • Katy Perry, meanwhile, may be collaborating with Steve Madden. [Page Six]
  • Oh, and Kanye’s doing a line of loafers with shoemakers Stubbs and Wooton. Says owner Percy Steinhart, “We were honoured that he approached us to do something together. We do a lot of crests. And (Kanye) loves crests.” [Wonderwall]
  • Of Seth Caro’s Top Chef: Just Desserts meltdown, host Gail Simmons says they didn’t show all of it (in which he allegedly starts screaming for his passport) because “we wanted to be true to the events but also sensitive to the lives who it concerned, and I think we did that.” She adds that, “When I walked off set that day I’m pretty certain I went for a cocktail.” [E!]
  • Speaking of reality, the rumors are true: Lifetime’s going ahead with a Brighton Beach-set answer to Jersey Shore. However, this Russian-American version will be “multi-generational,” which we’re totally into. [EW]
  • Ryan Seacrest is in early talks to launch a new cable network. The extremely vague word on the street is that the channel would be “music, pop culture and lifestyle oriented.” [Hollywood Reporter]
  • More on Juliette Lewis‘ scary hit-and-run crash: they still haven’t found the driver, but the Honda which smashed into Lewis’ Town Car was found abandoned not far from the scene. Juliette is still OK. [Daily Express]
  • Also doing well: Michael Douglas, who just concluded two months of chemo for stage 4 throat cancer. Doctors are apparently optimistic about the actor’s recovery. []
  • On a recent getaway, ScarJo and hubby Ryan Reynolds were apparently followed by someone nosy. Says a “source,” “Not long after leaving California in a rental car, they had a flat tire in the pouring rain…Ryan had never changed a tire before and it took him forever to do it. He needed Scarlett’s help. By the time he and Scarlett got back in the car, they looked like drowned rats.” [CelebBuzz]
  • Kirstie Allley has taken to stealing fruit from her neighbors. Says a source, “Kirstie’s on an organic diet to lose weight, but she’s usually too lazy to go to the farmers market or store for produce and often swipes avocados, oranges, grapefruits, and other stuff from neighboring properties. People are getting really annoyed with her because she so doesn’t ask – she just takes.” And how does she know it’s organic? [ShowbizSpy]
  • Kristen Bell is apparently a top choice to play Marilyn in the gratuitous remake of The Munsters. Which makes sense, since it’s helmed by Veronica Mars creator Brian Fuller. Says he,”Are you kidding me? Kristen would be perfect.” [Wonderwall]
  • If you’ve been wanting to watch JWoww work out, here’s your chance. It’s incredibly boring, but her trainer does bench her at the end, FWIW. [MSN]
  • For their 10th birthday, Jon Gosselin apparently took twins Mady and Cara to dinner at the Olive Garden, their choice. We know because he tweeted it. [MSN]
  • Taylor Momsen, as Little J, wears some boots that we’d call inappropriate for high school. [JustJared]
  • Johnny Knoxville is an irresponsible babysitter. In case you were thinking of hiring him. [TVSquad]
  • Bristol Palin‘s gonna be sexy next week. Sexy. She tells People,
    “I’m definitely nervous for next week, because I have to be sexy in the dance and I have to find the sexy in me…Dressing sexy will help me get into character more. Next week, I’ll be dressing sexy.” Sexy. [NYPost]
  • Former Chips star Larry Wilcox has been accused of securities fraud, involving “a bogus company created to generate fake stock sales.” Reality: ur doin it rong. [MSN]
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