Rejoice: The Batshit Miss Universe Costume Competition Is Back


The Miss Universe pageant is currently underway in Miami, and last night came the absolute highlight: the costume contest. Judging from the photos, it was as impressive as ever.

The Daily Mail reports that the contestants took the stage in Miami last night. Technically it’s a “national costume” contest, but the interpretations are fast and loose—you’ve just got to represent some vital element of your national culture. Some ladies stick more closely to tradition than others, and several showstoppers look like they got lost on their way to the Ziegfeld Follies.

Miss Russia kept it comparatively straightforward.

Miss Korea covered herself in flags for an “It’s a Small World” look.

Miss Brazil maybe stole these wings off an angel who fell to Earth.

Not sure what’s happening with Miss Ireland. Perhaps it’s a reference to the historical “Sea Queen of Connacht,” Grace O’Malley?

Miss Switzerland didn’t even bother. Come on, Switzerland, don’t you have a mountain she could wear?

Miss Canada said “fuck it, why not?” Props for having the neck strength to pull this ensemble off.

Miss Jamaica came dressed for carnival and made a bunch of these ladies look like try-hards.

Make way, make way for Miss Aruba!

Miss Venezuela dressed as a flowering tree.

Miss USA, meanwhile, went balls-out in true-blue American fashion. I think this means Las Vegas is now the capital of the country? Bless this mess.

Images via AP.

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