Rep. Gohmert Upset 'Our Republican Females' Didn't Back Abortion Ban


Congressman Louie Gohmert is not happy with his female Republican colleagues, who just straight-up refused to get on board with a proposed bill that would’ve banned abortion after 20 weeks. In a conference call with conservative pastor Rev. E.W. Jackson, Gohmert complained that “our Republican females,” as he calls them, “sent entirely the wrong message.” Go on.

Raw Story was listening to the conference call, and they report—with audio to back it up—that Gohmert is just steamed that those wayward Republican ladies had the stones to just go ahead and make up their own minds about a bill. Who told them it was okay to pull that autonomous shit? Not Louie Gohmert, that’s for damn sure, who once happily told a woman she should have been forced to carry a fetus to term after she learned it had no brain function.

“Most of the conference was 100 percent in favor of the bill that was gonna be brought to the floor,” Gohmert said on the conference call. And in fact, he thought it should’ve gone even further: the final bill language made exceptions in the case of life endangerment, rape, or incest. Gohmert didn’t like the sound of that:

Some of us were wishing that would not be any exceptions, because it was going to be no abortions after 20 weeks, when the evidence is clear those babies feel. But there was an exception put on there that unless there was a case of reported rape — reported to authorities. Well, that became the dividing factor among some of our female members of the House, Republican female members. But some were adamant they didn’t want any exceptions, some were saying, no, we need to not require it be reported to authorities.

Gohmert is real sorry that his female colleagues had thoughts and opinions and such, and he promises all that nonsense is being taken care of: “And so anyway, that should’ve all been hashed out before it was announced that bill was coming to the floor,” he said. “I’m told they’re still going to bring it back, but because there was such division among our Republican females, they pulled the bill that day. And that was extremely unfortunate. It sent the entirely wrong message.”

Good to hear Louie Gohmert’s got his Republican females in line.

Gohmert, right, with Rep. Hal Rogers of Kentucky, on their way to a January 13 meeting of the House Republican Conference. Image via AP

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