Report: Michael Cohen Was Selling Access to Trump, a Nice Normal Thing That Lawyers Do 


According to an official at one company, Michael Cohen was promising corporations access to Trump in exchange for payments to his shell company (the same one that paid Stormy Daniels for her silence). How shocking! I am shocked.

From HuffPost:

AT&T, in a memo to staff Wednesday, explained that it needed to “understand” how the Trump administration would approach issues like tax reform and antitrust regulations and portrayed paying into the shell company of president’s personal lawyer as routine: “Companies often hire consultants for these purposes, especially at the beginning of a new Presidential Administration, and we have done so in previous Administrations, as well.”
But an official with one of those companies, who requested anonymity to speak openly, was more blunt. They said Cohen “was promising access to Trump and members of the administration, positioning himself as a lobbyist.”

An official with Novartis, one of the corporations that paid Cohen, told NBC News that Cohen reached out to the pharmaceutical behemoth after the election “promising access to the new administration.”

“We can’t be responsible for what Michael Cohen is doing,” Rudy Giuliani told HuffPost.

Thanks again, Rudy, for clearing things up.

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