Report: The NFL Can't Even Film a Breast Cancer PSA Right


Though the NFL like, totally cares about women and their issues, especially the cancer they get, it seems like that love only goes so far. According to a report from Page Six, the league totally bungled a shoot for a new breast cancer awareness ad, leaving a breast cancer survivor and a film crew waiting for NFL players for hours who never showed.

Apparently the story goes that the upcoming PSA would have been another in the league’s “Crucial Catch” series, like the one seen above with Drew Brees:

A breast cancer survivor drove from Boston to film a “Crucial Catch” PSA to urge women to get mammograms. At least two NFL players, who were said to be Carolina Panther DeAngelo Williams and the Patriots’ Danny Amendola, were to participate in the film.
Grey’s script called for the woman to say, “I want to show you something that could save your life.” The players were meant to take off their shirts and show how to perform a breast examination on themselves. But an NFL source said, “The shoot was ready to go. The players’ flights were set . . . but they never arrived,” and the film crew waited for nearly nine hours. “Everyone was frustrated, they’d spent months on this.”

Sources and representatives for Williams and Amendola, as well as last minute replacement Steve Weatherford, made it clear that whatever the situation, something was lost in translation and that all of the above had no intention of messing up the shoot. It seems unlikely Williams would fuck this one up; his mother and his four aunts died from the disease and he’s been vocal about raising awareness about it, even putting out a video of his own on Facebook.

Lest you credit this one to the New York Post‘s editorializing, a spokesperson for the NFL didn’t deny the story: they said that the players had “unexpected conflicts” and that now the PSA will now be specifically focused on the one breast cancer survivor who actually showed up. It’ll be out in October.

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