Republicans Want NBC, CNN to Drop Hillary Clinton Features — Or Else


The Republican National Committee has threatened to cut NBC and CNN out of future political debates if the two networks don’t stop fangirling over Hil and cancel their upcoming Clinton programming, which RNC chairman Reince Priebus called political ads “masquerading as an unbiased production.”

Many Americans are interested in Hillary Clinton’s life. Not so many Americans are watching television. That’s probably why NBC and CNN are both running substantial Clinton-centric programming (a miniseries staring Diane Lane and a feature-length documentary, respectively): personal and political scandals + pantsuits = crowd pleasers. Republicans say it’s clear there’s a liberal bias at play, but maybe they just feel left out. Why don’t NBC or CNN care as much about any of the polarizing, multifaceted, whip-smart Republican women who could be president in a matter of years? Oh, wait.

Unless the networks agree to drop the Clinton features, Priebus plans to push for the sanctions at an RNC meeting in Boston beginning on Aug. 14, according to the AP. Can’t we compromise? Hey, Republicans: we’ll fund your Kickstarter for a Michele Bachmann documentary, but only if Kristen Wiig gets to play her.


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