Rich People Flee from the Poors to Raise Their Families


Apparently rich people only like living in economically diverse areas just for kicks — that is, until they start having kids. A recent analysis of census data indicates that the wealthy are twice as likely to relocate to more affluent neighborhoods than they were in the 70s, largely owing to their budding silver spoon-toting families. Social mobility is, of course, that much easier when you’re driving an M-Class.

As Neil Shah at the Wall Street Journal writes:

[M]any Americans, especially those with resources, like residing in socioeconomically-diverse areas when they’re younger, but once they have kids, and want the best for them, they head out — not just to the suburbs, but to suburbs with better schools and richer people and less crime — even if they have to pay up.

And as the top 10% of American families control almost 50% of all income, this doesn’t exactly leave much for the already underfunded schools and other community facilities.

Geographic segregation will only exacerbate economic disparity. The schools in wealthy neighborhoods will continue to receive the resources necessary to stay on top, while the schools in poorer areas will continue to be left in the dust. Looks like poor people really should have thought twice before being caught in the geographically and socieconomically paralyzing cycle of inequality.

[Richer Americans Like Living With Poorer People Until They Have Kids]
[Rich People Love Diversity Until They Have Kids]

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