Ridiculous L'Oréal Ad Stars Patrick Dempsey, Jessica Alba, Jane Fonda And Just About Everyone Else

  • This new French L’Oréal ad is like celebrity spokesmodel whack-a-mole. We spy Beyoncé, Patrick Dempsey, Jessica Alba, Freida Pinto, Claudia Schiffer, Rachel Weisz, and Jane Fonda… It’s funny to watch them all say, “Parce que vous le valez bien.” [YouTube]
  • Victoria Beckham has never made the cover of American Vogue. But boy do they love her over at British Vogue, where she has the February cover! She tells the ladymag: “The other morning I looked across at David just after he’d woken up and thought you look really crap. THANK GOD, because this is a man who always looked so perfect.” Here we were thinking morning conversations chez Beckham were more along the lines of “No, you’re prettier.” [Vogue UK]
  • British GQ included both David and Romeo Beckham on its best-dressed list. Romeo Beckham, David and Victoria’s middle son, is 8 years old. [Sun]
  • Tom Ford (#7), David Walliams (#11), David Gandy (#17), and Prince Harry (#5) all made the list. Prince William got the nod at #27. [Vogue UK]
  • Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons is not impressed by most young designers. “They lack discipline…They’re not strict enough with themselves.” [WWD]
  • Freja Beha Erichsen nabbed yet another cover of Vogue Italia — this time, alongside relative newcomer to high fashion, Arizona Muse. [Vogue.it]
  • Erichsen‘s campaign count for the season, so far: Chanel, Valentino, and Louis Vuitton. Day-um. [The Cut]
  • Here’s something one doesn’t see every day: An Asian male model in a Louis Vuitton campaign. Hello there, Godfrey Gao. Shame you aren’t for the U.S. market, too. [Bagaholic Boy]
  • Androgynous male model Andrej Pejic and Latvian youngster Ginta Lapina co-star in the spring Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign. [Fashionologie]
  • Roberto Cavalli went old-school for the season, casting Laetitia Casta and Malgosia Bela in his campaign. [Fashionologie]
  • Rico Rodriguez, who plays something on some show we don’t watch and holy hell it appears that he was born in nineteen-ninety-fucking-eight, has a clothing line. Of course. [@StarringRico]
  • Taylor Momsen is on the cover of the French magazine Rock One — but miraculously, the 17-year-old is not nude, or even particularly “provocatively” dressed. [JustJared]
  • Sarah Burton, on succeeding her former boss and mentor, Lee Alexander McQueen: “I thought: how would I ever begin to begin? Lee‘s mind was so different to anyone else’s. I knew there was no way I could pretend to be him; but I had to ask myself, what did Lee work for? For all this just to close down?” And: “People ask: what’s Sarah about? But I’ve worked here for so long, there’s been a big part of me in those collections all along the way. I’m not going to wipe the slate clean. That would be wiping me away. There will always be those McQueen elements, but at the same time, you can never stay still and you have to stay true to yourself. That’s what Lee drummed in to me: you have to be able to stand behind your work.” [Vogue UK]
  • ’90s brand Chaiken and Capone is getting re-launched. [WWD]
  • Tavi Gevinson takes a trip to Gwen Stefani‘s showroom to check out her L.A.M.B. line in the new Teen Vogue. Gevinson writes: “When the photographer suggested we look more active, Gwen would say things like, ‘Let me show you this purse!’ in a sarcastic way that poked fun at how awkward it was to create the illusion of natural conversation through midsentence expressions. Even better was when she pointed to a botched sample bag and smiled for the camera, uttering through clenched teeth: ‘See these little dots? They make me want to punch someone.'” [Teen Vogue]
  • Tamara Mellon cast her cleavage in Jimmy Choo‘s first fragrance campaign. [Stylelist]
  • Naomi Campbell‘s married billionaire Russian boyfriend, Vlad Doronin: Still married, still a billionaire, still her boyfriend. (But he spent the holidays with his wife, from whom he’s long been separated, and their children.) [Monsters & Critics]
  • The luxury market in Brazil currently accounts for only 1% of the global pricey retail pie, but it grew by a whopping 22% last year. [WWD]
  • Gerard Butler: “I think he’s like the ultimate dude you want to be. He’s an action star. He’s fun. He’s good with women, plays poker, does all those things. Very much lives life to the fullest.” He’s not talking about his next film role — he’s talking about the character he plays to sell L’Oréal products to men. [JustJared]
  • Surprise! The newest Diesel underwear commercials are pretty stupid. [Copyranter]
  • Anna Dello Russo — the famously overdressed Vogue Nippon fashion director who is vague about how she comes by her collection of couture, her two apartments full of current-season runway looks, and her 4,000-plus pairs of designer shoes — says she doesn’t “tone down” her outfits to go to the supermarket. “Supermarket? I don’t go to the supermarket! I’d rather buy clothes. Clothes are my religion.” [Vogue UK]
  • Lil Wayne wore the Jeremy Scott for Adidas stuffed-animal sneakers. Awesome. [Upscale Hype]
  • It’s looking more and more like Hearst, which publishes Harper’s Bazaar among other titles, is going to acquire the U.S. edition of Elle — probably by the end of this month. But current Elle parent company Lagardère intends to somehow maintain editorial control over the magazine. [WWD]
  • Fashionista speculates that Hearst will seek to chip away at this separation of powers, and that if it does so, a “mass exodus” of Elle editorial staffers will ensue. [Fashionista]
  • It’s pretty funny (or maybe depressing? We’re not entirely sure) watching Blackbook jump through rhetorical hoops to try and justify the price of Chanel‘s new $325 wrinkle cream. Something something Himalayan flower esters something something ooh boy! [Blackbook]
  • Here is a small chimpanzee, wearing a kimono, taking a crotch shot of a bikini model in 1963. [Boing Boing]
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