Rihanna & Colin Farrell Go On A Dinner Date

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A couple of weeks ago, we heard a rumor that Rihanna and Colin Farrell had been sending flirty texts to each other. Now the two have been spotted at a Santa Monica restaurant together! They left separately but surely it’s only a matter of time before we know exactly what they ordered. [Black Media Scoop, Daily Mail, Perez]

Lindsay Lohan has been drinking Kombucha, which has alcohol in it, and is therefore a violation of her probation, sigh. [TMZ]
“EXCLUSIVE: Jewelry Store Is ‘Destroying Lindsay‘s Life Just To Make A Buck’ Says Her Pal.” [Radar Online]

Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” is in the iTunes top 100. We so excited. [Rolling Stone]

Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” has been banned by Malaysian radio stations for its pro-gay lyrics. But if there’s one sure way to get young people interested in something, it’s to tell ’em they can’t have it. [Digital Spy]

Get used to seeing Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee — she’s coming back next season. Creator Ryan Murphy uttered words that made me shudder: “Gwyneth is sort of the muse of the show.” Gah! WHAT ABOUT KURT? [Deadline]

  • Mel Gibson turned himself in last night and was booked by the El Segundo Police Dept. [TMZ]
  • Eduardo Cruz attended Eva Longoria‘s 1920s-themed 36th birthday party, and a source says: “They were kissing and making out all night. He’s so genuine.” [People]
  • Here is Eva Longoria being “showered with Eduardo Cruz‘s kisses” on a birthday trip to Disneyland. Sounds like excellent post-divorce healing. [Pop Sugar]
  • Reporters talking to Katie Holmes about her clothing line are not allowed to ask about Suri, which means they have to pretend to care about Katie Holmes’ clothing line. [Page Six]
  • Vanessa Hudgens met with law enforcement officials yesterday over the nude photos that were stolen from her hacked Gmail account. Apparently the FBI is investigating a ring of hackers, who also targeted Scarlett Johansson and 50 other celebrities. Hackers are fucking suck, no doubt about it. I still have password issues from hell, so thanks, hackers. But! People! Do not save pictures of yourself spreading your labia majora (NSFW link) if you don’t want anyone to see! [TMZ]
  • Hugh Dancy talking about vibrators = mindsplosion. [Vulture]
  • Charlie Sheen will earn $300,000 from just two shows on his sold-out tour. God Bless America. [Wonder Wall]
  • A photo of Robert Pattinson appears on the UK cover of Playgirl. Don’t get excited: He’s fully clothed. You won’t see his little sparkler. [Us Magazine]
  • Just look at the string of words in the URL of this Ryan Phillippe story: Alexs Knapp medical bills paying pregnancy DNA test girlfriend no condom unprotected. [TMZ]
  • Some of The Situation‘s worst jokes at the Donald Trump roast were cut from the broadcast, but you can read the terrible crap at the link. [TMZ]
  • Joe Jonas and Ashley Green have gotten off the relationship train in the town of Splitsville. [Page Six]
  • Joe Jonas has not been wearing his purity ring, scandalous! [Ocean Up]
  • Howard Stern is on the new cover of Rolling Stone, and at the link, you can listen to part of the interview or watch a video clip. Stern discusses his traumatic divorce, former sidekick Artie Lange‘s suicide attempt and his many years in therapy. [Rolling Stone]
  • Good idea: Someone who knows a thing or two about the music biz, L.A. Reid, will be a judge on Simon Cowell‘s X Factor. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Cast members from American Pie — including Sean William Scott, Eugene Levy and Jason Biggs — will reuinite for American Reunion, a sequel for release in theaters. Alyson Hannigan may indeed reprise her role! [The Wrap]
  • Corey Feldman‘s hair is a a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. [DListed]
  • Nate Dogg’s family believes his death was related to the two strokes he had over the last couple of years. [TMZ]
  • “Thank you for having the courage to come on a late-night comedy program, because it must have been a painful and awful situation, the whole thing you went through, but from a comedian’s standpoint and my monologue writers, thank you! So much! It kind of wrote itself. I mean, balls, shafts, holes, foursomes… Thank you! Thank you!” — Jimmy Fallon, to Tiger Woods, who appeared on Late Night last night. [Page Six]
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