ROL: Girls Asked "Not To Be Slutty," Cannot Oblige

On last night’s episode, the girls were told to be on good behavior for Bret’s concert. Instead, they got wasted, “slutty,” and one girl ended up crying on a speed bump in the parking lot.

I love that Kelsey said, “I can’t be the only girl who got drunk and laid on speed bump.” Her choice of grammar gives the sentence a whole different, yet not necessarily inaccurate, meaning.

But seriously, how are these girls supposed to know what “specifically” is OK as far as sluttiness goes, when earlier in the episode they were asked to show their pole dancing skills in a challenge, and rewarded for turning a belly-flopping contest into a wet t-shirt contest? I guess for Bret, the balance is – much like the security of his wig without his bandanna – a delicate one.

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