Ron Jeremy Walks NYFW Runway Amid Sexual Assault Accusations


Porn star Ron Jeremy is accused of sexual assault by several women—but that didn’t stop him from proudly strutting down a New York Fashion Week runway wearing a purple velvet suit and hairy chest. Jeremy, famously nicknamed The Hedgehog, took his runway spin during Nina Athanasiou’s show over the weekend, according to Page Six.

“He was the surprise last one out and the crowd went wild,” said Brett David of the Lower East Side’s Leave Rochelle Out of It, where the show’s after-party was held. “Ron was taking photos, making jokes and stayed for about three hours, having only one drink.”

Neat, guys. Cool. Sounds fun.

Perhaps they are unaware that Jeremy, who denies all of the accusations against him, is being sued for sexual assault and battery in Washington State. He allegedly nonconsensually groped and digitally penetrated a woman during a promotional event last year. Maybe they missed the YouTube video released last year by porn performer Ginger Banks detailing several claims of nonconsensual sexual contact with Jeremy. Perchance they missed this, published in Jezebel, in June:

In 2007, a woman filed a police report alleging that Jeremy had grabbed her breast without consent during a signing at a porn convention. In the 2017 memoir Watching Porn, journalist Lynsey G. wrote that Jeremy grabbed her breast and kissed her without consent during a signing at an adult convention. Similar allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced on Twitter. Porn performers Jay Taylor and Danica Dane have also publicly accused him of nonconsensually digitally penetrating them at adult industry conventions.

Or maybe it just… doesn’t… make… a difference.

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