Rudy Giuliani Expresses Major Misconception About Booing, Love 


Rudy Giuliani isn’t just a career politician, he’s Trump’s lawyer, so no I don’t take much stock on what he has to say, validity-wise. I do however wish to keep the occasion of his being booed at Yankee Stadium on his 74th Birthday this Monday in the news as long as possible, for it gives me a bitter, vengeful joy. (I’m from Manhattan.)

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the video of that blessed event.

On Wednesday, the tenacious journalists of TMZ Sports stuck a camera in the former New York City mayor’s face and asked him if his feelings had been hurt by the crowd reaction. To which Giuliani replied, with typical smarm, “I know Yankee fans. They boo you when they love you.”

If taken at face value this statement connotes a major misconception about booing (that it means you are loved), and about love (that its expression may take the form of booing). As well as about Yankee fans, come to think of it. In fact, we’re talking a whole other reality at this point.

Or it was a charmless joke. In either case he’s a very bad man, boooooo.

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