Sandra Will Appear At MTV Awards; Tila's Addicted To Ecstasy

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  • Sandra Bullock has been given the MTV Generation Award “for her riveting and diverse contributions to the film industry,” and her rep says she’ll be at the MTV Movie Awards to pick up her prize, ending her self-imposed seclusion.
  • Sandra will be at the ceremony on June 6, but she won’t do any interviews. [People]
  • In his Nightline interview last night, Jesse James said, “My whole childhood, I never had a chance to be a kid…I was always scared. I was a terrorized kid and, I mean, it’s really tough for me to think about now because …Sunny is the age that I was when my dad broke my arm.” Jesse’s former step-mother says this is “a bunch of crap… Larry was the most caring father, the kindest father who would do anything for anybody. He loved Jesse to death and would brag about him all the time.” [TMZ]
  • In an interview with Radar, Jesse James‘ dad says, “None of it is true. My kids were my whole life. I would never ever hurt any one of them. I would have died before I would have hurt them.” [Radar]
  • Jesse James‘ dad also says, “Just to show off…he dove over the fence, landed on the ground, and broke his arm. He neglected to say that I was right there, picked him up, lifted him over the fence and I never let go of him until his hand was in a cast. I even had them cut his shirt off him at the hospital so I didn’t have to let go of his arm.” [Radar]
  • Lindsay Lohan partied at Chateau Marmont last night, but she only drank water. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan allegedly claimed she “put tea tree oil on to fool [her alcohol monitor]” when she wore one in 2007. [Us]
  • A source claims Tila Tequila will reveal she’s addicted to ecstasy on Celebrity Rehab, which would explain a lot. [Radar]
  • Dr. Drew Pinsky commented on Mindy McCready overdosing yesterday saying, “I have been in touch with Mindy. I don’t see this as related to her addiction per se.” [Radar]
  • Mindy McCready asked a judge to forbid her mom from talking to the media after she suggested that Mindy was trying to commit suicide yesterday. Mindy says her mom is disseminating, “erroneous information to the media … to sabotage her reunification efforts with her son.” [TMZ]
  • Joyce DeWitt pled no contest today in her DUI case. She was put on three years probation and ordered to attend alcohol education classes. [Radar]
  • Michael Jackson‘s alleged love child Omer Bhatti performed a tribute to MJ on a Scandinavian cruise ship. [TMZ]
  • Michael Jackson‘s children autographed a designer belt produced to raise money for the Jackson family museum in Gary, Indiana. [CNN]
  • Rihanna is countersuing the trainer who claims she didn’t pay her. Rihanna says she lent the trainer $26,000, but she never paid her back. [TMZ]
  • Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman‘s sister is mad because Bruce Beresford-Redman‘s parents told her kids that she died in a car accident. [TMZ]
  • In the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar Bristol Palin says Levi Johnston is, “A stranger to me.” [People]
  • Wil Wheaton says the geekiest thing he’s ever done is construct a homemade Ghostbusters costume, [Techland]
  • Simon Monjack will be buried on Thursday at Forest Lawn Memorial Park next to Brittany Murphy. [E!]
  • Jack Nicholson will wave the green flag at the Indianapolis 500. [AP]
  • Art Linkletter, host of People Are Funny and House Party died today in his home at age 97. [AP]
  • Family Guy is doing a spoof on Precious for its Emmy campaign this year with the tag line “Vote for us or you’re racist.” [Perez]
  • The Salahi‘s legal team has quit because they ignored their advice and gave Radar an interview. [Radar]
  • In the video at the link, Sarah Silverman explains the Lost finale. [TMZ]
  • Britain’s Daily Mirror claims Prince Andrew has already forgiven Sarah Ferguson for being caught on tape trying to sell and interview with him. [People]
  • Vince Vaughn recently stayed in the house where the first season of Jersey Shore was shot with a group of friends. f[TMZ]
  • Rage Against the Machine’s Zach de la Rocha organized a musicians’ boycott of Arizona in response to the state’s immigration law. “Some of us grew up dealing with racial profiling, but this law (SB 1070) takes it to a whole new low. If other states follow the direction of the Arizona government, we could be headed towards a pre–civil rights era reality,” he said. [N.Y. Magazine]
  • Q: Do you regret the dancing in ‘Love is a Battlefield?’ Pat Benatar: “No! I regret [that] I was a bad dancer, but I don’t regret doing it. I look back at it now and laugh. It’s hilarious, but when you’re in so deep and you’re part of the genre you sometimes go so far and that’s the fun of it. You have to look at it like it’s a time capsule.” Popeater]
  • Pharrell recently had most of his tattoos removed, and in the video at the link you can check out his newly ink-free torso. [The Life Files]
  • Amy Winehouse‘s dad says he recorded an album of jazz and swing classics because, “Amy said to me five or six years ago, ‘Why don’t you make an album, Dad?’ and we talked about it, and then she got ill. So when she got better, we spoke about it again. Of course she’s heard the album. She thinks it’s great.” [Mirror]
  • Carrie Underwood won’t reveal the date of her wedding, but a source says it’s “right around the corner.” [E!]
  • Lady Gaga says, “I love Glee. I love the cast and the creativity of the writers. I went to a musical theatre school, and used to dream that someday the students would be singing my songs.” [EW]
  • On an upcoming episode of her reality show, Kendra Wilkinson says of her sex tape, “It bothers me because people are going to judge me and stuff. I just hope to God nobody looks at me like a porn star or something. I just hope they don’t press play because that’s not me. I mean, that was me, but that’s not me now.” [E!]
  • “The thing is, when I am on tour, it’s very visible, and people say: ‘God, you’re so busy.’ I’m actually not. Compared to how the Beatles used to tour, it’s skiving off. It’s like saggin’ off school.” — Paul McCartney [The Telegraph]
  • A DWTS source says of Kate Gosselin appearing on the finale, “We had all just about forgotten what a nightmare Kate was. She is the only celebrity in the entire 10 seasons who has demanded a security guard be with her at all times, and nothing anyone does is good enough. Last night, she actually wanted the temperature of the ballroom changed before she hit the floor. Kate hates to sweat and this was just another opportunity for her to be difficult.” [Popeater]
  • Cynthia Nixon says the way NYC is portrayed in SATC is “Hard for me sometimes because I feel like it’s not my New York,” adding that she hopes the message women take from the movie is, “look your best, not necessarily to catch a man, but because of the way it makes you feel. Use it as a form of self expression.” [Reuters]
  • Cynthia Nixon also commented on the recent homophobic Newsweek article saying, “I was horrified. I was just horrified. I mean, look, there have been gay actors playing straight characters as long as there has been a Hollywood. And you know, maybe the general public didn’t know that they were gay. But they were very convincing. And, you know, we’re actors. You know. Sometimes we play astronauts. We’re not astronauts. You know.” [CBS News]
  • The Edge says he talked to Bono after his surgery but, “He didn’t remember any of the conversation, which is a shame because he promised me his car and various other valuables, a few paintings. But anyway, he claims not to remember that.”[People]
  • “I’m not saying I’m changing the world,” say Jessica Simpson, “But…to be able to sit with my Dad and [create] Price of Beauty, It’s similar to missionary work. It was what I was called to do and called to be.” [Us]
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