Sarah Palin Also Hates Teachers


Alaska resident Kathleen Gustafson is not afraid to tell Sarah Palin exactly what she thinks of her, calmly and politely, to her face. Palin, on the other hand, expresses her
contempt for Gustafson’s profession with eye-rolling. That profession? Teaching.

Palin was filming her reality show in Homer, Alaska and found herself greeted by a sign that said “Worst Governor Ever,” put up by Gustafson. Palin and her daughter Bristol approached, at which point Sarah found the profound limits of her charm. “Early in the conversation, Sarah actually winked at Kathleen in what seemed to be a case of eyelid Tourette’s Syndrome,” writes HuffPo blogger Shannyn Moore.

Much of the exchange was caught on tape with an onlooker’s cell phone camera, despite the best attempts of her entourage. That same entourage later tore down Gustafson’s sign.

New York‘s Daily Intel noticed something else about the conversation: although Gustafson was perfectly civil, if pointed, mother and daughter Palin bonded by rolling their eyes when Gustafson said she was a teacher, “as if to say, ‘Of course, only a teacher would be such a liberal nut.'”

Palin: She’s all about ensuring America’s future! One wholehearted embrace of ignorance at a time.

Sarah Palin’s Homer Moment [Huffington Post]
Did Sarah Palin Roll Her Eyes At Teaching? [NYM/Daily Intel]

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